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Building For Mobile: RWD, PWA, AMP Or Instant Articles?

by Ciprian Borodescu

As we look deep into 2017, one of the questions on every web developer’s mind ought to be, “What trend will define the web in 2017?” Just three years ago, we were talking about the “Year of Responsive Web Design”, and we’ve all seen how the stakes were raised when Google …

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The Road To Resilient Web Design

by Jeremy Keith

Editor’s Note: _In the world of web design, we tend to become preoccupied with the here and now. In “Resilient Web Design”, Jeremy Keith emphasizes the importance of learning from the past in order to better prepare ourselves for the future. So, perhaps we …

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Improve Your Billing Form’s UX In One Day

by Margarita Klubochkina

The checkout page is the last page a user visits before finally decide to complete a purchase on your website. It’s where window shoppers turn into paying customers. If you want to leave a good impression, you should provide optimal usability of the billing form and improve …

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Beyond The Browser: From Web Apps To Desktop Apps

by Adam Lynch

I started out as a web developer, and that’s now one part of what I do as a full-stack developer, but never had I imagined I’d create things for the desktop. I love the web. I love how altruistic our community is, how it embraces open-source, testing and pushing …

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