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Featuring front-end ingredients, UX recipes and nothing but practical beats from the hidden corners of the web. Only practical, real-life techniques and recipes you can learn from and apply in your job straight away!

What's a SmashingConf like? We've prepared a little elevator speech with photos and videos from past events. Also, here's a Convince Your Boss PDF (1.1 Mb) to convince you-know-who to send you to the event. Obviously.

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The Speakers

  • Alla Kholmatova
    Reaching For Particles On The Web: Modular Design Workshop

Event Schedule

Day 1
  • Doors Open
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Sara Soueidan

    Sara Soueidan

    SVG in Motion

    SVG has proven itself an essential tool in our design toolkits. And one of its most exciting features is the broad range of animation effects that can be achieved due to its nature and the ability to style and script the contents of the image with CSS and JavaScript. However, how and when you can animate an SVG depends on many factors, ranging from embedding techniques, to animation gotchas, among others. Even optimizing an SVG image which is almost always recommended, has a direct effect on the SVG code and therefore influences your animation capabilities. In this talk, we will go over everything you need to know before and during your attempt to animate SVG images. We will look at the different embedding and animation techniques, gotchas and prerequisites, and take a quick glance of the future of SVG animation

Day 2
  • Doors Open
  • Breakfast
  • Alla Kholmatova

    Alla Kholmatova

  • Umar Hansa

    Umar Hansa

    A Modern Front-End Workflow with DevTools

    You can expect to learn hidden DevTools secrets but also how to adopt a modern development and debugging workflow. This talk is important for any web developer or designer who wants to understand and debug the internals of a webpage quickly and with ease. It will also cover a few CSS tools, performance profiling and debugging techniques, all with the goal of mastering your authoring workflow to ensure your development workflow is highly optimised.


  • Vitaly Friedman

    Vitaly Friedman will run:

    New Front-End Adventures in Responsive Design

    Full-day workshop • June 15th

    With HTTP/2, Service Workers, Responsive Images, Flexbox, CSS Grid, SVG, WAI-ARIA roles and Font Loading API now available in browsers, we all are still trying to figure out just the right strategy for designing and buildings responsive websites efficiently. We want to use all of these technologies and smart processes like atomic design, but how can we use them efficiently, and how do we achieve it within a reasonable amount of time?

  • TBD



At SmashingConf, we always strive to host events in the most memorable of venues. In Freiburg, our home will be the magnificent “Kaufhaus” – a stunning, central venue that blows our audience away every year.

Historisches Kaufhaus, Münsterplatz 24, 79098 Freiburg

The historic Kaufhaus (Merchants’ Hall, built 1520-30), is the venue for the conference and the workshops. It is a symbol of the importance of trade in medieval Freiburg. The municipal market, customs and financial administration building is identified as a center of trade by its arcades hall. Its façade is decorated with coats of arms and statues indicating the city’s links with the House of Habsburg. The beautiful ambience of the Historical Merchants’ Hall underlines our goal to create something special for you.

Why Should You Attend?

Pretty much because of the value SmashingConf will provide. We’ll explore how designers and developers work, design and build and how they approach problems strategically. Think of it as a playbook with handy rules of thumb for your next projects: it can’t get more practical than this.

Take a look at some of the videos from previous events, and check out some of the photos—The Smashing community is truly smashing, fun, inclusive and a delight to be a part of!

Watch SmashingConf Videos
Registration at SmashingConf SmashingConf Cody look-alike attendee SmashingConf attendees cheering SmashingConf attendee on the Smashing couch SmashingConf attendees with the chocolate fountain Una Kravets in Lego land I heart this Lego SmashingConf attendees using an iMac SmashingConf attendees building with Lego

Conference photos by our good friend Marc Thiele.

Convince your boss (PDF)
“8 reasons why you should send your incredibly hard-working, deserving employee to the SmashingConf” (PDF). Quite self-explanatory, really.

Need to convince your manager to send you to the SmashingConf? No worries, we’ve got your back! We prepared a neat Convince Your Boss (PDF) (0.15 Mb) that you can use to convince your colleagues, friends, neighbors and total strangers to join you or send you to the event. We know that you will not be disappointed. Still not good enough? Well, tweet us @smashingconf and we’ll help you out — we can be quite convincing, too, you know!

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