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Building Pattern Libraries With Shadow DOM In Markdown

by Heydon Pickering

Some people hate writing documentation, and others just hate writing. I happen to love writing; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. It helps that I love writing because, as a design consultant offering professional guidance, writing is a big part of what I do. But …

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Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Transportation Map

by Ilya Birman

For many people, a map of a transportation network is a given, an expected part of the system, something that just is — like a fire-escape plan in a building. So, when I say that I design transportation maps, they don’t understand. What is there to design even?

Well, …

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Designing The Perfect Date And Time Picker

by Vitaly Friedman

What could be so difficult about designing a decent date picker? Basically, we just need an input field and an icon that represents a calendar clearly enough, and once the user clicks on that icon, we pop up a little overlay with the days lined up in rows. Right?

Well, not …

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